"Given its sensitive nature, Pisces fit into a profession that requires dedication and passion".

- Horoscope Pisces

My name is Mayra. I was born in Quito-Ecuador and since 1994 I have been living in the German part of Switzerland. I see myself as a very lucky woman because I was able to study graphic design, something that I really love.

I have studied in Quito, California, New York, Bern and Zürich, places that have deeply influenced my life and my way of seeing things. I am married to a Swiss man and I am mother to two girls. My family is, thus, part of the complex personal design –which includes, different accents, skin tones, and eye colours– that everyday remind me of the importance that the intercultural and spatial changes have had in my life. Like many other women I ultimately seek a balance between work, motherhood and personal fulfilment in my life.

As a good Pisces my most prominent feature is willpower. I love nature, water, sport and admire people who have dreams and work hard to make them happen. The fish that I like and admire are the ones that swim against the current and never stay still.

My portfolio reflects my conviction that professional graphic design cannot happen without passion, hard work, and personal commitment. It comprises two decades of my work for different companies and private clients, my specialization courses and my personal projects.

In current times the world results appear somehow small and saturated. Every day we receive such an amount of information that in order to easily remember something it must have an attractive and unique identity. Therefore it is very important to form a certain aesthetic and an image that can remain in our minds. Personally I like new challenges, especially if these are related to design and image, which, to me become special when attention to little details needs to be considered.

This website is my business card. It aims to create an initial interaction with people who are looking for web design, which does not want to be forgotten and is easy to use; who need powerful corporative identities, which can compete in the market and can seduce potential clients; who need high quality illustrations or simply want to materialize any particular, extravagant or progressive ideas. If, like me, you're in this huge network, I invite you to take a look at my ideas so we can find links for collaboration. I can be a sort of nautical chart for your projects and I will be more than happy to work with you.